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An apple story


Our adventure started in 1996 by the brave initiatives of an architect and a geomatic engineer in order to present the aromatic apples growing in microclimatic environment - created by Eğirdir Lake and surrounding mountains -. The journey began with cold store warehousing, and immediately after evolved into apple growing. In order to contribute fruit growing sector of Eğirdir,  where peoples' main income resource is agriculture (especially apple) ; several investments such as pack houses, atmosphere controlled cold rooms, system integrated orchard setups were made subsequently. From arboriculture to harvest, packing to marketing, retailing to export; We, as Gülbudak, are into all processes related to apple.

" From the point we reached by integrating ourselves to technological developments ;

We are proud to be an expert apple grower  for 28 years. "


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The source of freshness: Orchards

"Apple should be grown in cold temperate climate."

We grow special apples in terms of aroma thanks to the mountains around, the slope in orchard land and the rich sunlight hours it receives throughout the year.


Several varieties of apple are cultivated in total land area exceeds 650 hectares having appropriate weather conditions. Always aiming automation at every stage of agriculture mission, we benefit from technology in all processes, starting from harvest.


" Although it takes vivid color from day/night temperature difference and crispy texture from the hillside winds , a Gülbudak apple owes its' quality to 28 years of experience. "

Modern facility:
Storage & Packing

From the first harvest in August untill next June, in storage process we keep oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas values ​​under control at 0-1 °C via Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) cold rooms . Therefore, apples are stored for months in 103 cold rooms safe and fresh.

Fruits are automatically categorized with presizing equipped optical sorting machines that sorts fruits according to weight, diameter, color criteria. By the integration of presizing and 2 packing machines, we respond the customer demands on time thanks to our wide range product portfolio.

Safe fruit at tables

With certifications of;

  • GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices)

  • ITU Good Agricultural Practices

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 22000

  • NON-GMO Origin

which determines international quality standards in food/agriculture, it has been proved that our fruits are not microbiologically, physically and chemically harmful and neither environment nor natural balance are damaged during production.


You can taste our products from chain markets in Turkey and more than 30 countries we export such as Cyprus, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, Kenya under assurance of Gülbudak.



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